Every city has a sound, and the city of Boston is no exception! Groups like Aerosmith and Godsmack got their start on the gritty streets of Boston back in the day, and would go on to gain national and international fame. But for every big name out there, there are scores of dedicated bands and musicians still working the bars and clubs and grinding away on the local scene.

Enter WaveRadio Boston, an internet based radio station dedicated to bringing music to the public that ordinarily gets overlooked by conventional FM radio stations. Started back in 2017 by friends Pete Hudson and John Anthony, WaveRadio Boston has grown from a small one-room operation with a staff of two to a team of DJs and announcers working out of a state-of-the-art broadcast studio that would rival any employed by major FM stations of the day.

“We like to set ourselves apart from the rest of the crowd out there,” says station co-founder and manager Pete Hudson. “We wanted to bring something different to the people, show them that there’s still good music out there.” The station whose motto is “Say F.U. to F.M.” plays a steady stream of local and independent alternative rock, blues and jazz. Some of the music is kind of a throwback to the days of vinyl and cassettes, classics from the 80s and 90s, but much of the music played on WaveRadio Boston is new music created by up and coming artists from the Boston area and beyond.

“A lot of bands like to call in and talk to our DJs about the music they release,” says Hudson, stating that the inability for bands to tour over the past year has made a station like WaveRadio Boston especially invaluable for music fans and the music industry alike. “It really makes the fans feel like they are connected to their favorite bands when they tune in and hear them on the air with us. It’s a great way for independent artists to stay connected to their fanbase.”

The station regularly encourages independent. unsigned bands and musicians to send their original music to the station for consideration by emailing them at [email protected] They also encourage listeners to “share the air” with them, offering up slots for would-be DJs who want to start their own show, prompting them to get in touch by emailing them at [email protected]

“That’s how I ended up with a show,” says veteran DJ Big Ben Hillman, who hosts a weekly funk and soul show on the station. “I hadn’t done radio in over ten years, but when I heard what they were doing at WaveRadio Boston, I knew I just had to be a part of it. It’s really something special.”

Some of the other programming heard on WaveRadio Boston includes slots hosted by area musicians Eddy Dyer and Hal Holiday, a Sunday morning jazz spot, and a Thursday evening show called “The First Wave” hosted by station founders Pete Hudson and John Anthony, a show that frequently hosts live in-studio performances.

WaveRadio Boston can be heard twenty four hours a day, seven days a week by logging onto www.waveradioboston.com. You can also find news, show schedules and on-demand podcast replays of all the great shows on the station. Join the real radio revolution and say “F.U. to F.M.” with WaveRadio Boston!

L-R: John Anthony, Pete Hudson and Becka Lee, the founders of Wave Radio Boston and hosts of the Thursday evening live music program The First Wave.

WaveRadio Boston Website – Stream Live

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