Itamiyo, pronounced Ie-tah-mi-yo, originally hails from the West African country of Cameroon, and now resides in Dallas Texas. Born Boris Nchitu, Itamiyo took the name from a popular Anime series which means“bring the pain.” Though he grew up shy and a bit introverted, like a lot of artists, he has wanted to do this all of his life and has let nothing hold him back or take his focus. Growing up poor in West Africa gave him a work ethic that enables him to not only survive but to live, grow, and “Bring The Pain!”

Influenced by today’s sound of young hip hop such as Lil Uzi Vert, Pop Smoke, DaBaby, and rap giants like 50 Cent and Drake, Itamiyo is looking to make a name for himself and pave the way for others to follow behind.

Itamiyo began writing songs, rapping and singing as a way to express himself, as well as support and further his dreams. The EP titled “REBIRTH OF ITAMIYO” was released in November of 2020 and features Young Butta (who was also featured on “Bread Winners” by Young Thug); it also includes Shxlinho and Smooch on features. The single “Loaded” is scheduled for release on April 23rd. Itamiyo is here and having a good time doing what he does best. He wants everyone to know that if a broke kid from Cameroon can achieve what he has to this point, with hard work, persistence and consistency – anyone can!

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